About Us

Frankel Management Company is a full service real estate company that builds, manages, and general contracts apartments, condominiums, and townhouses in Philadelphia. The company’s focus is on developing a combination of market rate rentals and for sale units. The properties are built with a significant green influence. With the support of many Philadelphia community groups and the Redevelopment Authority of Philadelphia, Frankel Management Company has developed over 100 units and contributed to the revitalization of many of the city’s blighted areas..


Our Story

Founded in 2001 by two brothers, Sean and Shane Frankel have developed over hundreds of units. The idea began while sitting in their pizza shop booth. They went from flipping pizza’s to flipping properties. They started with rehabbing houses in the Northeast part of Philadelphia to their first new construction property in 2011 in the Francisville section of Philadelphia.

After the sad passing of Shane, Sean has kept their foresight alive and continued to develop properties in memory of his brother. Every property built, has a special brick signifying their initials and dates of their children’s’ birth.


Sean now operates under FMC, Frankel Management Company which has a deeper meaning between the two brothers.

Sean has worked hard to develop the support of many Philadelphia community groups and the Redevelopment Authority of Philadelphia and has contributed to the revitalization plans of many of the cities blighted areas.

To date, Sean of FMC has developed a variety of residential and commercial space from single family homes to multi-family condominiums and their newest development of a 43 unit luxury apartment building that will be completed in June of 2017.

The goal of FMC is to develop over 100 units a year and continue to support the great City of Philadelphia and the memory of Shane Frankel.